Area Specific


If you have a specific concern but is not ready for a full Feng Shui audit, this is for you.

Do you ever feel that despite having done everything right things still seem to go wrong? Is success very elusive? Is there frequent discord in your home? Are you still looking for the perfect one? Feng Shui might just be the answer to your conundrum. 

Area Specific Consultation

When you just want one thing to go right, this is for you.

The old Chinese masters believe that our lives are governed by 3 kinds of luck. 2 out of these 3 can be enhanced by us. Heaven luck which is our destiny at birth is of course beyond our control, but when times are tough we can soften life's blows by manipulating our Earth and Mankind luck. Earth Luck is the kind of luck brought about by energetic forces in our environment, these energies can either support or affect your health, career, and relationship negatively. Earth luck is where Feng Shui can help. So if there are persistent issues in your life despite your best effort, it may just be that you are not tapping the right kind of energy or maybe you are exposed to negative energies. 

Are You Doing It Tough?

Sometimes it's not always about the money

We all have our ups and downs. There are times when you have done just about anything and yet still couldn't quite catch a break, we understand. If you think Feng Shui can help you but is not in a position to pay for our services, tell us your circumstances below and we will try our best to help (through Feng Shui of course). All we ask in return is that you pay it forward when you are in the position to do so. May you be well and happy. 

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