Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese metaphysics founded at least 5,000 years ago. It is highly complicated; both a science and an art but definitely not superstition neither a religion. As part of an ancient body of knowledge, Feng Shui reveals the connection between mankind and their surroundings. Feng Shui is derived from the Chinese word fēng ‘wind’ and shuǐ ‘water'. Wind and Water; two powerful life forces that represent the flow of energy or Chi. The old masters discovered that energy or Chi flows like the wind and can be gathered like water.

In modern times, Feng Shui is used to harmonise living and work spaces so that beneficial Chi is captured and detrimental energies are negated. An expert Feng Shui consultant utilises several methodologies to study your environment, the living or work space, and combines this with individual birth details to come up with Feng Shui solutions to enhance every aspect of your life.


People enlist a Feng Shui consultant to enhance many areas of their life. A properly energised home can improve wealth, health, career, and relationship prospects for residents.


When energy is tapped and is in synergy with the business it creates an environment that supports wealth creation. Business clients benefit from having a Feng Shui consultant activate wealth creation energies to ensure financial success.

Area Specific

If you have a specific concern but is not ready yet to commit to a full Feng Shui audit this one is for you. Consider this a mini consultation. Often situations like career stagnation, frequent discords at home or at work can be remedied by Feng Shui.

Our lives are governed by 3 kinds of luck. The first is Heaven Luck or Tien Chai. This the kind of luck we are born with and have no control over. It doesn't matter what faith we prescribe to, these are the things that are pre-determined at birth. It is our karma, genetic disposition, and destiny.


The next kind of luck is Earth Luck or Ti Chai. This is the kind of luck that can be improved with the correct application of Feng Shui principles. Earth Luck is determined by our environment, the surroundings of our home, work, and living spaces. It affects us in various ways the energies flow within and around our surroundings. The mathematical formula developed over 5000 years ago by Feng Shui masters of old together with their ancient wisdom in the interaction of time, space, and energy enables us to live in harmony with these energies and use it synergistically to improve our Earth Luck. 

Good Feng Shui then brings wealth and prosperity, health and longevity, harmony at home and enhances the well being of family members. On the other side of the spectrum, bad Feng Shui causes break down in relationships, loss of source of income, illness, misfortune, and blocks success and career opportunities.

The third kind of luck is Mankind Luck or Ren Chai. This is the kind of luck we create based on our behavior and attitude. We have total control over this kind of luck. It is in our life choices, the lifestyle we lead, and the values we hold. 

Heaven Luck is something we simply have no control over. That, however, is just a third of our store of luck. We can manipulate our environment to harness positive Chi and deflect the negative (Earth Luck). We can make good choices and use our mind for positive visualisation of the kind of life we want (Mankind Luck). When we practise Feng Shui within this context it has great potency.