Feng Shui and Space Clearing

Have you ever walked into a chaotic messy room and instantly felt disturbed, overwhelmed? Personally, when I walk into a messy room my brain literally stops working. Clutter simply do not go well with me and many others I know. That’s for good reason too. There’s good scientific evidence on the effects of clutter on our wellbeing. The “clutter effect” points to disturbances in our well-being and increased levels of stress. On the other hand, many people can identify with a deep sense of satisfaction, feelings of happiness, and positivity after decluttering. Mess creates “yin energy” that causes stagnation and negative influences in our lives. Getting rid of mess creates a harmonious living space that is more supportive and nurturing.

A cleared space creates a deep sense of wellbeing and supports the achievement of life goals.

Energetically, negative feelings and situations such as those brought about by arguments, financial hardships, relationship issues, and petty squabbles accumulate through time and exert a negative effect on the home’s occupants akin to that of clutter. The energy created by this build-up of negative energy is oppressive and can hinder the achievement of one’s life goals. The best way to get rid of this “negative energy clutter” is to perform Space Clearing. A cleared space brings forth pure chi that is superbly beneficial, all at once creating a nurturing and positive energy that makes good things manifest in your life.

If you are going through a rough patch, or feels ill at ease at home, you will benefit from space clearing.

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