Friends, Relationships and Feng Shui

We are social creatures. We thrive in each others companionship and derive one of our greatest joys in life from the bonds we form with other people. Some of us make friends with alot of ease, while others struggle to find meaningful relationships. It could just be personality but more often than not, I find that it is actually a combination of factors that determine the kind of relationships we form.

We lived overseas for many years, with the children growing up fast, we decided to move back to Australia for good so our children can have a more settled life and have lasting friendships. Coming home, we have mixed feelings. We were happy to be back and live in the home we lovingly built, but sad at the same time because we are saying goodbye to family and friends we have known for a very long time, We know life as we knew it will change. One of our apprehensions was with our children. They will be starting in a new school with no friends, and that was a concern for us.

Their first day of school came, sent them off and waited for the end of the day to hear their first day of school stories. Alot of stories to tell but no mention of new friends made. We decided to let a few days pass to allow them to settle and perhaps make new friends. Weeks went by and still no friends. I decided one day to hang around their school after send off. My children just watched other kids play and only left my side when I prodded them on. It was then I decided that I have to do something. It is not my usual practice to Feng Shui children, but this time I thought I'd give it a go. I activated their friendship luck and within days they made friends and three years on, their bonds just keeps getting stronger.

I have a friend who has gone through a series of bad relationships. Finally after going through divorce, she decided she has had enough and turned to Feng Shui for solution. A Feng Shui audit of her home uncovered an energy affliction that affected not only her relationship luck but also other residents in her house. After implementing a cure, her eldest daughter found the man of her dreams and got married. Soon after that, my friend got married to the most wonderful person she could find. Coincidence or is it Feng Shui weaving its magic?

I have come across alot of articles on the internet advising this and that to enhance relationships. Please read those articles with caution, and take the advice with a grain of salt. To an untrained person, the advice seem logical and it is very easy to fall for them. Remember though that Feng Shui is very personal. What works for others may not be the best solution for you. So take advice only from credible sources.

Here are some general suggestions to enhance your relationship luck:

  1. Display symbols of marriage and love in the Southwest corner of your living room.

  2. Place a bowl of red apples on your dining table to promote peace and harmony at home.

  3. I have successfully used the symbols of 4 friends to enhance networking and friendship. They are hard to find but usually comes in the form of a figurine or keychain - these are the elephant, monkey, rabbit, and the dove.

Remember, these are general enhancers. To find specific cures for your own circumstance, it is best to consult a qualified Feng Shui practitioner.

Good luck. May you be well and happy.

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