Living with Good Feng Shui

Why do you believe in Feng Shui? I have been asked this question so many times that I can reel off the answer in a lifeless, robotic manner... but that is not the case. Yes I have been asked this question one too many times, but my answer is always impassioned, that the person might eventually beg me to stop talking about Feng Shui. For those who knows me from work, or school it is always a surprise that somebody as pragmatic as me subscribes to this esoteric body of knowledge.

I came to know about Feng Shui when I was designing the landscape of my first home many years ago. I moved into this beautiful house but the grounds felt barren and lifeless. The house changed many hands over the years, and looking back, I am certain that the reason why so many before me abandoned the house was because the surroundings lacked vitality and did not support good Feng Shui. Anyways, I really loved the house and was determined to make it my home. So I set out to design my landscape (I'm an avid gardener by the way) and came across the powerful classical Land Form Feng Shui. So I made sure that the house was surrounded by the 4 celestial creatures - the dragon, the phoenix, the tiger, and the turtle. All done in representation of course by the choice of plants, elevation, materials, and structure. I was awestruck by the results. I felt supported, the energy was positive, and the place now had a general good vibe surrounding it. From there I expanded my learning about Feng Shui.

Living with good Feng Shui means harnessing the positive energies around you to live the kind of life you want.

I began incorporating Feng Shui in my life but was not quite the hardcore believer that I am today. Sometimes I will watch the flying star charts and put cures and enhancers in place but most of the time I wouldn't. Life was good and I was too busy to care. Then a year came when everything came undone. My business suffered losses, my personal life was in chaos. Everything that was right became wrong for no apparent reason. I turned to Feng Shui and conducted an audit on my house. With trepidation I realised that the dreaded 5 yellow has flown into my main entrance where it was always brightly lit because it was in the south sector of my home. The 5 yellow is the dreaded number 5 flying star that wreaks havoc if left uncontrolled. This star brings misfortune of the serious kind including financial loses, serious injuries, and calamities. I quickly performed a space clearing ritual, placed cures in place, switched off the lights, and used alternative entrance to my home. After doing all that, my life immediately returned to normal and I started to enjoy good Feng Shui again.

That is just one of the many stories in my life that made me a firm believer in Feng Shui. Throughout my Feng Shui journey I have heard credible stories about reversal of fortunes brought about by good or bad feng shui. I met alot of people who has been drawn to Feng Shui looking for answers to their life problems and found solutions in it. I came across people who have gone through life suffering from onslaught of bad relationships and with a simple Feng Shui cure brought happiness back into their lives. Sometimes I am still held in awe thinking about how most of our life's problems comes with a Feng Shui solution. If I have not personally experienced the powerful influence of Feng Shui in my life, I will be among the doubters. Thankfully, I discovered Feng Shui and now know how to live the life I want, with good Feng Shui.

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May you be well and happy.

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