Water for Fortune

Water Feng Shui

A colleague of mine told me that she has a little indoor fountain but got quite confused in finding a suitable location for it in her home. I can totally understand her confusion, there are so much information out there that could bewilder a novice Feng Shui practitioner.

Water is regarded in Feng Shui as one of the most crucial elements. In fact, Feng Shui is literally wind water (Feng = wind, Shui = water). Water is regarded as a potent energizer of prosperity and abundance. The correct application of water in Feng Shui brings steady income stream and aligns energies to create an environment conducive for accumulation of wealth.

But where to place water at home? North, East, and Southeast sectors of your home are generally good locations to place your indoor water fountains but never in bedrooms because water in bedrooms create loss energy; this could be in the form of tabletop water feature and the like or art featuring ponds, ocean, waterfalls etc.

Correct placement of clean, flowing water, moving in the right direction is very beneficial indeed but when it is placed incorrectly or when there is too much of it such that it skews the delicate balance of energies, the benevolent energy of water turns into misfortune.

Water Feng Shui is more potent when an exact formula is applied to determine the most auspicious location to place a water feature in the garden or within the home.

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