I am first and foremost a mother. That is the most satisfying role that I have been blessed with. I am also a successful education professional with a Master's Degree in Education. As an early childhood education specialist, I am passionate about children. As a school administrator, children's welfare and quality of education is always on top of my agenda.

Behind my professional persona there has always been a sense of deeper connection to a world beyond. Even as a child I've always sensed that there are more things around us than those that we can see. As a child, I was terribly afraid of what lies out there because deep down, I somehow knew it was trying to connect with me. 

Everything started to make sense when I met Isabele, a Reiki practitioner and a life coach. I reluctantly went to see her thinking here I go again, this will do nothing for me. I remember sitting in her waiting area and I could literally feel presence everywhere. Presence I wouldn't label as negative but 'they' were surrounding me.

It all came together when Isabele explained that I am being 'called' by special beings from the higher realm. Isabele awakened me and thus began my Reiki journey of discovery. 

Fear is now replaced with confidence. I feel their benevolence around me. They are there when I need them. They come when I do healings as I call on them to assist. Oftentimes I see them in the form of orbs displaying a multitude of colours all at once. My ability to connect with the spirit world is something I thought would never happen to me. 

Reiki is so powerful that many underestimates its immense but subtle power. I call on Reiki for a boost whenever I need it. When my children feels unsettled they ask for Reiki. It has created a very positive influence in my life and those I touched.

My passion for Reiki grows throughout my journey of discovery. Who would have thought that an early childhood professional whose early passion was children and education could venture into something so esoteric. I certainly never dreamed about it but now I am a firm believer.


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