"keeping baggage from the past will leave no room for happiness in the future..."

- wayne i. misner

Revitalise Your Space with Space Clearing

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that you just wanna get out of there? If you have, then you have experienced what negative energy feels like. Energy is emitted like ripples from people and they leave lasting imprint in your space, on your things, and even yourself. When we go through negative life experiences like arguments, serious illness, financial troubles and the like, negative energies quickly accumulate in our space. The feelings you associate with these negative situations linger in your space and it can sometimes feel that you are reliving it over and over again. The good news is that energies can be transmuted. When you are feeling blue and you play a happy tune you are actually transmuting energy. From a state of  sadness you use music to uplift your spirits. This is pretty much what space clearing is about. Space clearing simply means transmuting negative energies, cleansing and purifying negative energies that causes a space to feel dense and oppressive. An accumulation of negative energies in our homes can impact on our ability to live fuller, happier lives.

When do you need to do Space Clearing:

  • After negative life events in varying scales such as divorce, death, illness, arguments, court cases, bouts of depression.

  • Before moving into a new home it is beneficial to perform space clearing to rid the space of negative imprints from previous occupants thus giving yourself a clean slate in your new home.

  • Before selling your home or just before an open day. Space clearing creates a welcoming, attractive energy that invites prospective buyers to linger and connect with the home.

  • Before placing Feng Shui cures and enhancers.

  • Anytime you feel that there's something "not right" in your home.

The effects of Space Clearing is immediate. Have you ever walked into a space that made you feel light and happy? Then you have experience what positive energy feels like, Space Clearing is life a reset button for your home's energy. It flushes out the bad so that you can invite good things to come into your life.

Our Space Clearing service starts from $368 for a standard 3 bedroom home. We can also provide a Space Clearing certificate that you can present your home's buyer if you are putting it up for sale. Often this seen as great add on service/value by real estate clients.

*Please note that although we can expertly perform Space Clearing, we do not perform entity removal. Ghosts or malevolent presence is best left to be dealt by experts in that area.