Getting your Feng Shui Right Starts by Talking to us.

What to expect in a consultation?

Getting your home (or office) Feng Shuied do not mean giving up your home's personality or yours for that matter. Your home will not be filled with red Chinese tassles, oriental decorations or multitude of frogs. BUT if you are so inclined, you can have all those things too. We believe that good feng shui happens when there is synchronicity between you and your environment. We ensure as much as possible that the Feng Shui enhancers or cures that we recommend has close affinity to your personality, cultural background, or religious belief. For us, Feng Shui works perfectly when items are imbued with positive connection that affirms your aspiration. Our goal is to integrate Feng Shui into your way of life in the most inconspicuous way possible. Doing it this way, cures and enhancers work in the background creating a more energetically harmonious environment where your life aspirations can materialise.

Wind and Water Feng Shui Adelaide
Wind and Water Feng Shui Adelaide

The best way to get your Feng Shui right is to communicate with us. When you initiate communication it gets the consultation process going. Tell us about your current situation, share with us your aspirations, let us know what you want Feng Shui to accomplish for you then we will discuss with you what Feng Shui can do and how best we can accomplish it. Most of our consultations require a site visit. We strongly believe that a site visit is essential to gain a full appreciation of the nuances of energies in your surroundings. We also ask for the following information:

  • A floor plan of your home or office drawn to scale.

  • The birth details of the occupants and which room they occupy.

  • Date the building was built.

  • History of renovations, what date, and what has been done.

The information you provide together with our readings and observations around your premises will be the basis of our Feng Shui investigation. Our analysis will pull together several powerful Feng Shui methodologies such as Land Form, 8 mansions, Flying Stars, and Paht Chee. Depending on the breadth of investigation required, all these will be contained in a comprehensive, easy to understand report complete with recommendations for cures and enhancers. While we recommend the cures and enhancers, providing these items is not included in our cost and will have to be sourced by the client.

Wind and Water Feng Shui Adelaide

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